Liz: 3 out of 5 stars There might be some spoilers ahead, sorry! 

The first movie we’re reviewing was kind of a strange-ish one for me. Omar said he randomly wanted to watch it one day (it’s on US Netflix) and I went with it, not quite knowing what it was about other than that it was a found-footage horror movie but that it was also kind of like a parody/comedy. Sounds like my jam. Quick summary: Videographer answers a cryptic Craigslist ad asking for someone to record him. He meets the guy, and weird stuff happens~

First immediate thought I had about this movie was AHHH MARK DUPLASS! (The hilarious midwife Brendan Deslaurier in The Mindy Project). I tend to freak out about celebrities a lot, which gets annoying, so you’ll just have to bear with.

ANYWAY: My feelings on this movie went from liking it, to not liking it, to being confused, to really amused, to frustrated. I was just all over the place. I couldn’t quite figure out if the audience was supposed to take this movie seriously or whether it was more of a parody on found-footage horror films. Overall, I settled with thinking that it was ok but had some really good parts about it.

The character that Mark Duplass played, Josef, was quite an adventure. At first I just thought he was strange but kind of hilarious. Then the movie progressed and he became downright creepy and stayed that way until the end. His character was my favorite part about the film.

The other character Aaron, the one filming the footage (and also the director of the movie itself), could have been a lot better for me. Without giving away too much, he could have been a lot smarter, though I suppose that’s a normal reaction to a lot of characters from other horror movies. His character was not nearly as interesting as Josef and his actions were what ultimately made me decide that the movie was average.

The story itself was really good for me. In my opinion, it was unique and though there were some really comical scenes and situations, it was also extremely uncomfortable. Though it isn’t amazing, I would recommend this movie if you’re looking for a horror-type movie that is sort of unusual. As this was Patrick Brice’s directorial debut, I’m looking forward to what else he has coming in the future.