Liz: 3.3 out of 5 stars

I’M ALIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! Wow. It’s been about two months since the last time I wrote a review, and I’m really ashamed.  Totally believed that I could keep up with reviewing regularly along with law school but life caught up real bad and after reading all my cases for the day, I just had no energy to crank out a blog post.  I haven’t been watching as many movies as I did over the summer but luckily, school hasn’t taken up all my life and I still get my movie time.  Since the last time I wrote, I’ve seen a lot of Gene Kelly x Frank Sinatra movies and a bunch of Halloween-y films (finally got around to Scream, Scream 2, and The Thing!!)

Last weekend, Omar came home from school and we watched Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension and Crimson Peak. The former was hilarious, but surprisingly fine for like the 5th movie in this series. Creepy little children are very creepy.  But this review is about Guillermo Del Toro’s newest film, the gothic romance Crimson Peak, starring Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, and Jim Beaver (yay Supernatural hiiiiiii Bobby!).


Quick Liz summary: The daughter (Wasikowska) of a rich American industrialist (Beaver) falls very quickly in love with a visiting British baronet (Hiddleston) who is seeking investors in his new mining invention.  Father is not pleased and unearths some mysterious bad information about the baronet and bribes him and his sister (Chastain) to leave and never come back. However, he “accidentally” dies and since his daughter has no one left (her mother died too), she marries the baronet and moves to England with him and his sister.  She begins transferring her money to her husband but she (as well as her friend back home played by Hunnam) gradually begins unveiling some really creepy shit in the very eery mansion she lives in.


I’ll start with everything that was just so right about this movie. The atmosphere, THE AMBIANCE!!!! Everything from the costumes, to the creepy and barren English landscape, to the disintegrating yet incredible Allerdale Hall, oozed gothic romance.  It was an aesthetically beautiful movie and it was all essential to creating that uncomfortable vibe that something wrong was happening inside the mansion.  The movie’s trailer made the movie seem like it was a pure horror movie, but that’s not what the actual film was.  Like the beginning says, “it’s a story with ghosts.” Crimson Peak was really creepy and there were definitely some huge jump scares.  The ghosts were extremely horrific -looking- the dripping blood and skeletons were awesome; I haven’t quite seen anything like it.  However, I wouldn’t say that this movie is one that will give you those kinds of horror thrills. It felt more like a gothic murder mystery, which I loved. The vibe of the movie reminded me of what Sucker Punch looked like (even though I haven’t even watched all of that movie).

Anyway, this movie definitely deserves some recognition for the amazing set and costumes.

Spoiler alert: there’s a sex scene with the baronet and his wife, and YOU SEE HIDDLESTON’S BUTT. ok that’s all.

Also: shoutout Jessica Chastain… that acting. wowza.


There was really only one negative about the movie. It had a mediocre story. The beginning to climax of the movie had this really great build-up. It seemed like something reaaaally dark and twisted was happening and it was going to be a hugeeee surprise.  However, I kind of figured out what was happening and when everything was revealed, it was a little disappointing. I won’t say anything further.


Overall, Crimson Peak was a really fun movie, especially with Halloween coming up in a couple days. I loved it simply because the ghosts and creepiness and gothic theme are all things I love.  However, it pales in comparison to Pan’s Labryinth. I recommend seeing this movie if you’re into all the things I’ve mentioned above but it’s definitely not a 5 out of 5 for me.